Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Paaaarh-ty, a Paw-ty, and Philip is Home!!

Yesterday morning we went to Jade's super cool Peter Pan/Pirate birthday party at the park on base! Every detail was taken into consideration and there was pirate headgear, swords, eye patches and even earrings for each of the guests!

Pirate Moriah

Captain Hook (Devin) and his comrades, Neil and Levi

Captain Hook (in a very convincing menacing pirate voice) giving instructions about how they were going to keep Peter Pan and the lost boys from capturing their gold

Ha ha!

Serious stuff

A little more relaxed

Devin and Melissa

The guys hid two coolers full of water balloons and the pot of gold (candy) up on the playground equipment, sent the kids in, and then the adults (the pirates) went in to "take the ship" and get their gold back! Much fun ensued...

Over the fence

Incoming water balloons!

Moving in!

Water balloons bursting everywhere!

Peter Pan watching from the sidelines

A sword fight with Melissa!


The kids dig into the treasure pot

Treasure, indeed!

Awesome cake!

Reese's ice cream cake

Don't mess with this guy!

Decked out in Captain Hook's stuff

Love this one

Gathered around for present opening

After the party, we headed home, the kids took naps, and then we headed to the airport to pick up Philip!! Keenan insisted on wearing his pirate stuff to show Daddy.. =)

So happy!

Big hugs

We stopped at home briefly so Philip could change (and check out the new fence), and then we were off to Emerson's Puppy themed birthday party! Whitney and Eric did an amazing job on the cupcakes and cakes, and every detail of the party was puppy through and through - soo fun!

Aren't these Amazing??

The dog bone cake =)

My favorite of the dogs

This motorized Barbie car was a huge hit (especially with our kids!)

Snack time!

Notice Keenan's frosting mustache! =)

The birthday girl

Keenan alone at the wheel

After that party, we headed to the mall to get some shoes for Philip, and let the kids play at the play area. I also got a sweet deal on some jeans! Moriah had a blowout and ended up wearing Keenan's extra set of (very baggy) shorts...



Brittny said...

that pirate party looks like the most A-W-E-S-O-M-E party ever!!!!!!!!! it sounds like your day was a busy as ours was. i'm glad that philip made it home and you guys had such a fun weekend!!!

denise said...

YAY for Philip being home!!! All is right with the world, again :)

Mom E said...

Amaazing parties! And so glad Philip is home safely. Like Denise said, all is well with the world again. Will miss you all on Saturday.