Saturday, October 30, 2010

Okay, okay!!

Someone complained about the frequency of my blogging.... so I figured I'd better get caught up on the last two days before our busy and picture-filled weekend starts!

Thursday afternoon I had an appointment in the Dental department at the Eglin Hospital. I am now scheduled for surgery on December 7th to have Five teeth out! =0/

I also got some orthodics, so hopefully I can "save" the Nikes I bought, and can return my most recent shoes! Now that our jogging stroller is here, I'm impatient to hit the road again!

Thursday night we had our small group at Devin and Melissa's. Along with them, Eric and Whitney and their kids, we're getting together every Thursday night for dinner and fellowship, and we're currently going through the book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It's pretty heavy at times, but has some great stuff in it!

Yesterday morning, we went to the library for story and craft time. Since it's Halloween week, all the kids dressed up!

Keenan with his friends, Micah (Woody) and Elizabeth (Jessie)

I love how serious my little Airman is here =)

My sweet girl

My friend, Robyn, and JB

Craft time!

Keenan's (Jamaican) pumpkin and Moriah's cute button face

Moriah coloring

After the library, we went to the park to collect some pine cones for a craft, and then met up with Brittny, Rebekah and their kids at the Niceville Children's park for some play time.

This is the only picture I took there:

Sophie helping her baby drink from the fountain! So cute!

Digging has officially begun in our backyard and things are getting done! So far a tree has been dug up, cut up and removed, and this morning a tractor is starting to dig for the installation of the retaining wall! Woohoo!


Mom W. said...

Teeth pulled??? why??

Flakymn said...

I agree. Why?!?

devin said...

Listen.. no one deserves a smile that good... the dentist is obligated to bring it within reach of the rest of us!

devin said...

And that poor doll with it's head in a wet child vice is the reason we as a species cant have children till at least 8yo.