Monday, October 25, 2010

My Monday

Mondays are when I get some "My" time... It's pretty awesome. =)

This morning I dropped the kids off with Devin at 9. First I went to see a sport's medicine doctor (who just happens to be a new friend of mine) about my foot. Long story short, I am now allowed to start running again and have purchased some different running shoes that provide the stability that my foot type requires.

After that, I grabbed some lunch, did a bit of shopping and thrift shop hopped for a couple things for my Halloween costume... =)

And then... I went home and had a Nap (in the empty, blissfully quiet house). Sweetness!

Finally, I straightened up the house a bit before going to pick the kids up after their naps at 4.

We decided to meet up with Rebekah and her boys at the park and had a great time!

Moriah immediately plopped down in the sand to take off her shoes

Jade giving Moriah a push on the swing

What a goof!

I thought this turned out cool of Devin pushing Keenan and Eden

Elijah and Keenan on top of the monkey bars (neither one could get down!)

Just hangin' out, watching the big kids

She has no fear!

Addie, Keenan, Jade and Elijah on the slide

A pile of boys!

After we left the park, we picked up pizza and headed to the hospital to have dinner with Philip (who is on call tonight).

He just got home now (at 9), and will hopefully be able to stay here all night!


Mom W. said...

Caught up again!! Do you guys ever sit still??? Love Moriah in the baggie pants!!

Flakymn said...

Are you doing a swap on Mondays?