Thursday, October 14, 2010

Keepin' Up

The business continues!

Today was MOPS, and, since a volunteer canceled last night, I was going to have to help with childcare for the second week in a row, instead of being in the meeting... I was pretty bummed on the way. However, it worked out great because some of the kids didn't come, so there was enough workers for me to be able to get in on the meeting after all! Sweet!

After MOPS, I dropped the kids off with Devin and went to set up my booth at the Cash in the Nursery Sale at the Fairgrounds. I'll be there all day tomorrow (Friday) and most of the day on Saturday, so if you're in the area, come visit me - I'll be glad for the company! =)

Before I picked up the kids, I grabbed some lunch, ran a couple errands, and then decided to pop in and donate blood since it had been so long.... but I forgot that our Kenya trip meant that it would be a year before I could donate again (and they had already given me the finger stick - ouch!) The woman I talked to was looking through her "World Travel and Blood Donation" book and apparently thought Kenya was the capitol of Africa, and that if there was a South Africa, was there a North Africa too? LOL

This evening, we went to Devin and Melissa's along with some new friends, the Baroni's for some fun, food and fellowship - so great to have like-minded friends to "do life with"!

Fairly early start tomorrow so I should get to bed...

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Mom W. said...

Hope it goes well... are the kids helping... Yeah right.