Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun!

We've had a fun day! Our friends, Melissa and Devin joined us for church this morning, which was cool, and a ton more work has been done on our backyard - it looks so different!

This afternoon, we headed on base for a block party with Eric and Whitney and their neighbors. We had a yummy potluck, hung out, and then the kids all got dressed up and we went trick or treating! Fun times!

Our little fairy
(Thank you, Brittny!)

Bob the Builder (thank you, Isaac!)

Chowing down her third helping of caramel popcorn =)

Peace, Baby (I was the only adult that dressed up!) =)

Me 'n' Mine

One of the kids disconnected the air pump, and... Ooops! =)

Keenan, Macie, Eden, Jade and Emerson

... and with a bunch more friends!

Eden was happy to hitch a ride with Moriah

Very first trick or treating!

Us girls and the sweet stuff

I love the back of Moriah's costume =)

A great night was had by all. Is it bad that Philip and I picked out our favorites from the kid's candy?? =)


Jessica said...

doesn't every adult take their kids' candy?!? I did! :) Love all the new pics. Also got lots of fun cards in the mail from you guys today. Matt tried to open our anniversary card today, but I wouldn't let him! 7 more days. :) Philip would be proud of me-I've developed a lot more patience in my old age. Love you guys!

Mom W. said...

The fairy and Bob the builder... cute!!!

Mom E said...

I loved the kids' costumes and mommy's too! Bob the Builder brought back memories. :-)