Friday, October 8, 2010

Good News and Bad News

Yesterday was a fun, busy day. We made an early trip to the post office, then off to a MOPS Steering meeting, them home for lunch, a trip to the park, made an ice cream cake, naps, and then for dinner we headed to Devin and Melissa's for some great spaghetti and battered deep fried veggies!

Keenan can climb all the way up and down this by himself now!

Moriah's at the wheel!

Philip was home today since he had a "comp day" for being on call for the inpatient team all last weekend. We love having him here.

He fell asleep with Keenan at naptime =)

I did something to my foot earlier this week and had been experiencing an increasing amount of pain, so, since Philip was home today, I made an appointment to have it checked out...

... and this is how I came home! =0/

My splint

The good news is... the whole splint and crutches thing was just a joke a bunch of the residents wanted to play on Philip, along with a "story" that I had a fracture. =) It was pretty funny actually, seeing how many people found out about me being there, and wanted to get in on it. The total number of people who were actually involved with taking care of me, looking at my x-rays, wrapping my foot, learning from the people who were wrapping my foot, fetching crutches from a different part of the hospital, getting my car from the parking lot (so I didn't have to hobble out there), or who just happened along and thought the whole thing was funny... was about 12. =)

The bad news is... no more running for a while for me (including my 5k in November!!) Funny thing... turns out that if you haven't run for a decade... when you start back up, it's important to ease g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y into a running regimen, and not just jump in and go at it!

The x-rays showed that the pain was coming from my Sesamoid bones and that, due to hard impact running, I had injured that area and it was inflamed.

So... no running for a while, and when I do start back up, I need to ease into it with a "back to running" regimen...

The "oh so stylish" hard soled shoe I have to wear for two weeks
(thinking about decorating it somehow)

That was my interesting morning... the rest of the day we have just been hanging out here at the house, enjoying the Perfect weather, and playing with the kids.

Moriah wearing my shoes (on the wrong feet)

Keenan making a peanut butter sandwich by himself!

This was not posed! Moriah just climbed up beside him and put her arm around him! =)

Philip is out picking up blizzards from DQ, and then we're going to watch some "Big Bang Theory!" (FYI, this is a very funny tv show about nerds, not actually the Big Bang Theory)


Flakymn said...

Oh Joia, I am so very sorry. When I saw you had gotten up to a 3.1 already I was thinking you were a superstar. I understand this frustration. ugh!

denise said...

WE LOVE THE BIG BANG THEORY!!! Dan laughs SO HARD and some parts, and the way they talk reminds me of sitting in on dinners with his colleagues. Some of the words are so foreign, no matter how much I try to pay attention. I'm sure it's even worse for you! How funny, doesn't Phil like The Office, too? Those two shows are Dan's favorites. The Office is not my top, but I watch it with him and it has grown on me :)

Mom W. said...

So glad the injury wasn't more serious!!!