Friday, October 1, 2010

Destin Commons is the Happenin' Place!

The kids and I were at Destin Commons twice in 14 hours!

Last night all four of us went and met up with Devin and Melissa and their kids for this:

How awesome is that??

I didn't actually get any pictures of us with our ice cream, but a couple cute ones of my peeps while we waited for our friends:



After we had ice cream, the kids ran around and played on the playground until long after dark while us adults sat at a table and actually had some adult conversation - what a novelty!

Caught Keenan doing this with his Honey Nut Cheerios this morning...


This morning, we headed back to Destin Commons for a fun kids activity they had going on! We got to enter our names in a drawing for prizes, got super cute (huge) lollipops, did face painting and got to make a fun craft! The coolest part was that there were Tons of people there that we knew! We had planned to meet up with Brittny and Rebekah, but there were also people there that I knew from our library group, another one of the resident's wives, and someone I met just last night for the first time! =0) Fun stuff!

Serious girl sittin' in a boat =)

Love this one

Face painting:

She did so well!

Love the little pumpkin!

Very serious


These two girls seemed to think that Moriah needed their "help" getting around =)

I Love this picture Rebekah got of Elijah!

Working on a fun fall craft from Abrakadoodle!

Rebekah and her boys

Brittny and her kids craftin' it up

Another friend, Rachel, with Micah and Elizabeth

Christopher finally decided to have his face painted =)
(I love the lollipop on his cheek!)

Elijah jumps!

Keenan follows suit!

I love this one with his shadow!

After all of that, a bunch of us met up at Chick Fil A. It was the first time we had been able to meet at a restaurant with an Outdoor playplace, since the weather was actually cool enough! All in all, a super fun day! =)

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