Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Catchin' up

The blog bug hasn't been biting nearly as often around here!=0/

Philip was on call all weekend and was gone much of the time. On Sunday evening, the kids and I and the Pennys met up at Dairy Queen for some frozen refreshment and then headed to Turkey Creek. We had a great time, some good conversation, and a lot of running around for the kids. =)

Keenan and Jade walking with Moriah

Bouncing in a tree at the end of the boardwalk

Melissa, Moriah and Eden

Yesterday morning the weather was cool and gorgeous for our running group and was the first time that I actually had FUN while doing it! Woohoo! =0)

Since Devin was watching the kids, after my run, and went home, showered and changed, and then picked up Myrtle for a lunch date! I had been wanting to do this for a long time, but figured it wouldn't work well with the kids. Anyway, we went to Crestview to "Ryan's" for lunch (one of Myrtle's favorite places) and it was really good! It was fun to just hang out with her (The coolest 79 year old Ever!) and chat and laugh at her jokes. After lunch we did a little shopping and then headed home. Definitely something I want to do more often! =)

Last night we got a call from our friends Rob and Sarah in Japan! Sarah and I talked for quite a while, and it was soo fun to catch up with her!

We went to the Library this morning, and they had a fireman come talk to the kids, which was fun. =) We stocked up on new books and headed home for naps. Now we're considering hitting the pumpkin patch before Jade and Eden come over for the evening.

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