Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun!

We've had a fun day! Our friends, Melissa and Devin joined us for church this morning, which was cool, and a ton more work has been done on our backyard - it looks so different!

This afternoon, we headed on base for a block party with Eric and Whitney and their neighbors. We had a yummy potluck, hung out, and then the kids all got dressed up and we went trick or treating! Fun times!

Our little fairy
(Thank you, Brittny!)

Bob the Builder (thank you, Isaac!)

Chowing down her third helping of caramel popcorn =)

Peace, Baby (I was the only adult that dressed up!) =)

Me 'n' Mine

One of the kids disconnected the air pump, and... Ooops! =)

Keenan, Macie, Eden, Jade and Emerson

... and with a bunch more friends!

Eden was happy to hitch a ride with Moriah

Very first trick or treating!

Us girls and the sweet stuff

I love the back of Moriah's costume =)

A great night was had by all. Is it bad that Philip and I picked out our favorites from the kid's candy?? =)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Party, Party!!

Wow, these days it seems like every time we turn around, there's another party to go to! =)

This morning we went to Macie's My Little Pony themed fourth birthday party! If the background seems familiar, it's because we were just at her sister, Emerson's party last week!

Moriah got a little jealous of baby Campbell, but once she was up on my lap, she was happy to sit and just watch the baby and pat her and point out her nose, etc

Happy little situation for me =)

Super cute cupcake rainbow!

Birthday Girl!

Present time

Bouncy house all to herself!

Too much fun =)

Yes, Keenan was at the party too, even though there's no pictures of him. He rarely left the driver's seat of the Barbie car! =)

This afternoon/evening, we went to Orange Fest in Niceville. It's an event put on by several churches in town and was sooo much more crowded than we had anticipated!

The lines at the bouncy castles (Keenan did this for about an hour!!)

Daddy and his girl

I have no idea...

Philip sword fighting Moriah and Buzz Lightyear (Elijah)

Keenan, Elijah and Moriah digging for treasure

I wasn't feeling real great, so after chatting with a bunch of friends that we saw there (and prying Keenan away from the bouncy castles), we let the kids play a few games and then headed home.

End of the evening, happily chowing down some Amazing kettle corn!

Super tired after a busy, fun day!

Okay, okay!!

Someone complained about the frequency of my blogging.... so I figured I'd better get caught up on the last two days before our busy and picture-filled weekend starts!

Thursday afternoon I had an appointment in the Dental department at the Eglin Hospital. I am now scheduled for surgery on December 7th to have Five teeth out! =0/

I also got some orthodics, so hopefully I can "save" the Nikes I bought, and can return my most recent shoes! Now that our jogging stroller is here, I'm impatient to hit the road again!

Thursday night we had our small group at Devin and Melissa's. Along with them, Eric and Whitney and their kids, we're getting together every Thursday night for dinner and fellowship, and we're currently going through the book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It's pretty heavy at times, but has some great stuff in it!

Yesterday morning, we went to the library for story and craft time. Since it's Halloween week, all the kids dressed up!

Keenan with his friends, Micah (Woody) and Elizabeth (Jessie)

I love how serious my little Airman is here =)

My sweet girl

My friend, Robyn, and JB

Craft time!

Keenan's (Jamaican) pumpkin and Moriah's cute button face

Moriah coloring

After the library, we went to the park to collect some pine cones for a craft, and then met up with Brittny, Rebekah and their kids at the Niceville Children's park for some play time.

This is the only picture I took there:

Sophie helping her baby drink from the fountain! So cute!

Digging has officially begun in our backyard and things are getting done! So far a tree has been dug up, cut up and removed, and this morning a tractor is starting to dig for the installation of the retaining wall! Woohoo!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday Pics and a Thursday Surprise!

Yesterday (after our four kid trip to the Commissary), we went to the Niceville Children's Park, since Jade and Eden had never been. Aside from being Incredibly humid (hello?? October!), it was really fun!

Jade bouncing Moriah

I love how Moriah is smiling, but trying to keep Eden's hair from blowing in her face!

LOVE this picture!

Happy girls =)

On the move!

The boys bouncing

Eden drives the ambulance!

Cool dude on top of the rock climbing wall

Keenan crying because Jade didn't want to do the same thing he did

Giggly girl in the tunnel

Little Picassos at work

My favorite quote of the day: (from Jade, standing up for me) "Adults know a Lot more than kids, because they've been through high school, preschool and everything. Even kindergarten."

Not a great picture of any of us... but, Yay! Our double jogger came today!
We went for a family walk last night to try it out and we love it!

What I found after asking Keenan what happened with the paint and following little clues all over the house this morning. WHY???? Yay for washable paint!

Me at MOPS, holding three week old, Xavier

Our amazing MOPS group!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ladies Night at Melting Pot!

I decided to round up a bunch of chicks to join me for the monthly Ladies Night at Melting Pot last night, and we ended up with 11 of us!

It was a great night, complete with little gift bags from Estee Lauder, with mascara and three lipsticks!

Aaaah... girls, and chocolate... a match made in heaven =)

Tracy and Sandy (with delicious Cotton Candy martinis that most of us enjoyed!)

Brittny and Melissa

Me, Rowena and Melissa

Robyn and Rebekah

Whitney, Campbell and Tracy

I sure missed you, Wifia! =0/