Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

This morning we joined Rebekah, her boys, and her sister in law, Jen, at her house for breakfast. She made waffles, which were delicious! The boys played relatively well together (that's a work in progress) and we managed to leave before Keenan jumped in the pool with his clothes on - a successful morning! =)

This afternoon we headed to Turkey Creek. Since the boardwalk is mostly shaded, it's a nice place to be for an afternoon walk. Keenan actually decided we should Run most the way (which was fine with me, especially since he didn't nap today, so he'll be ready for a very early bedtime!) =) At the end I let him swim for a while, and then we walked back. Fun afternoon.

Don't the kids both look totally excited to be in this picture with me??

Love moments like these...


Keenan was the only one brave enough to get in the cold water!

"Moriah, come on in!"
"Um, no, I dipped my toes in and they almost froze!"

Keenan's "wing dive"

... and another style

Love this grin!

Our little blondie

LOL! Trying to get the straw in her mouth! =)

Keenan spent quite a while piling sand on the dock

I just like this one

Moriah decided to try on Keenan's shoes =)

Not having any fun at all

Part way back, Keenan decided he needed to rest on this bench =)


Mom E said...

Oh my goodness, these pics are just beyond adorable. I wish I could reach thru the monitor and squeeze them! BTW, my dad took a similar picture of Dave and me walking across a bridge. Sure wish I knew where that one was! It would be cool to put them side by side!

Mom W. said...

Love the pics Joia... I am with Kathleen wishing I could touch them too... sigh!