Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Upcycled Shoes

I was in a creative mood yesterday, so I took these:

Stained sneakers that I had stolen the laces from,

used these:

A fabric pen, some Sharpies, puffy paint, glitter, iron on embellishments and ribbon,

and turned them into these!

New and improved fun, groovy shoes!

Various angles of doodle

Moriah loves her "new" shoes! =)


Hannah said...

what talent!! LOve the shoes!

Mom W. said...

Groovy indeed... LOVE and PEACE... 'twould make any hippie prowd!! Very cute Joia!!

denise said...

So CUTE, I need to try this when I find a good deal on plain shoes for the boys! Those remind me of some by Little Blue Boo, she AMAZES me with her upcycled projects, here is the link:

Anonymous said...

Hey creative friend,

I LOVE the shoes! I also really like the picture of Moriah with the lollipop! The colours are so cute!

Love you Joia - and I'm planning on emailing soon! I miss our "Chats"!

Love Rebekah

Flakymn said...

Way cute. Do they come in size 12 women's?

Mom E said...

too cute & as always, very creative! and I ditto your mom's comments. lol.

Isaac said...

Those are the cutest shoes I've ever seen......... The are adorable! You are always so creative!