Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Fun!

Well, Summer is in No hurry to pack it's bags and get out of here, so we are just going to keep doing summery things!

Rebekah watched the kids while I went to the eye doctor this morning and then we headed to the Niceville Children's Park. The splash park was closed, but this one fountain was still going, so the kids still had a blast!

She loved it!

Elijah riding the dolphin

Moriah trying to drink the water and Keenan running around the fountain

Love this shot of his face in the water =)

The seahorse sprayers

My little monkey

Swinging on the way out


Mom E said...

Oh those water photos of both kids are adorable, esp when you click to make them full size. You can see the individual water droplets on Keenan's face. I wished I could reach thru the monitor and give them hugs and kisses. I miss them so much. Love, Mom

Isaac said...

I agree with mom, but I wish someone would invent a computer system so people (such as me) could jump in the monitor and it would make the pictures roar to life so that I could give a ton of hugs to Keenan and Moriah.....maybe Philip could invent that. :) BTW those pictures were soooooooooo cute! well until that special computer is built give Keenan and Moriah big hugs for me. Love you all and wish I was there. -Love,Isaac