Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some of the things we've been doing today...

* Seeing Philip briefly at work when we dropped his (forgotten) lunch off

* Fun MOPS Steering meeting this morning

* Enjoying Keenan mastering the art of using the potty!

* Putting out a ton of yard sale signs for our sale on Saturday

* Ordering a bunch of fun stuff for Sugar and Spice =)

* Drinking iced chai

* Having Philip come home at a pretty decent time

* Watching the kids play and be silly and laugh together

* Talked briefly with my favorite mother in law and youngest brother in law

* Getting blizzards and watching a couple episodes of The Office after the kids went to bed


Brittny said...

we got blizzrds tonight too! sooooo yummy!!!

Jessica said...

Matt is REALLY happy that you said "youngest" brother-in-law and not "favorite" brother-in-law. LOL! :)

Mom E said...

lol on the "youngest b-i-l comment from M/J. And it was so good to talk to you today even if briefly. I have missed having actual "live" conversation with you! :-)

Isaac said...

Thanks for mentioning me/ your youngest brother-in-law on your blog and sounds like you had a pretty good day on 9-2-10. Love you and wish I was there with you guys....