Monday, September 20, 2010

Spending Time Apart

Philip left yesterday for a week of training in Texas. Deployment training. Yes (though we aren't sharing the details of when or where)... he will be deploying. When we dropped him at the airport yesterday afternoon, Keenan lost it. As we were driving away, I was thinking, "Oh my goodness.. what are we going to do when he leaves for SIX MONTHS??" =0/ Not cool...

Moriah all pretty for church in an adorable dress from Auntie Bekah

Keenan with Philip (in his handsome new ABU's) right before he left

To help keep ourselves busy, we headed to Turkey Creek for a walk and a swim. It was fairly eventful. Keenan was almost swept away by the current, then had an emergency poop in the bushes (as we were 3/4 of a mile from the bathroom), Moriah accidentally dropped her pacifier in with the turtles (fortunately they didn't eat it and die!), and then the four Penny's joined us and brought delicious pizza for dinner! Keenan then threw Eden's shoe down a hole beside a tree that was fenced around, and Devin had to go down after it. =) All in all it was a good night, the kids went to sleep early and I watched "Confessions of a Shopaholic". =)

Devin jumping out of the hole after retrieving the shoe =)

This is what my hotmail account looked like last night when my computer froze up - has anyone experienced this before??

Today was fairly busy. This morning Devin watched the kids while I went to my run/walk with some of the girls from my MOPS group. Our coordinator, Destiny, is also a personal trainer and she's the one leading this group, so it was great to have her to run with to keep me going! =)

After that, the Pennys joined us at Marler Park where Brittny and her kids, and one of the first year residents and his wife and kids already were hanging out and swimming. We spent quite a while there, and then I brought the sleepy kids home for a much needed rest.

Keenan, Jade and Christopher

That girl and her tongue =)

This one makes me laugh!

Isn't Eden beautiful??

Dirt and trucks...

Around five, we headed on base to the Commissary and then to the splash pad to have dinner with Rebekah and her boys and play for a while. The weather was Perfect! A bit of a breeze, and oh so nice...

The best picture I was able to get of the four kids
(Keenan was especially not impressed with this idea)


Elijah and Judah

I also got to talk to Philip tonight (he is living in a tent and is only allowed to use his cell phone in the evening). He is doing well, but had a pretty long, tiring day. He is doing an EMEDS (Expeditionary Medical Support). Here they learn how to set up and run a portable hospital to treat mass casualties. Sounds cool!

Oh ya, I almost forgot - tonight Keenan flushed a bunch of wooden blocks down the toilet.


Mom/Gr'ma E said...

In answer to your question, "...what are we going to do...?" Keenan will visit his gr'ma & gr'pa and we will have tons of fun!" I will be praying for all of you.
Looks like all TMI boot camp training is coming in handy in TX. Give him my love when you talk to him.
Thank you for being a supportive wife and a great mom to my grandkids, Joia. You are awesome.

Mom W. said...

Keenan looks so Big in Philip's arms... wow, he is a big boy!! He will have to be Mommy's "Man around the house" for 6 months!! We are praying daily about this and know God will strengthen you all when, and until the time comes. We sure won't mind having up here for awhile too. =)