Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fridge and Stuff

Our freezer hasn't been working properly for a while. It keeps most foods (meats, etc) frozen fine, but won't keep ice cream or Popsicles frozen (which is like, a tragedy!) I wanted to surprise Philip and have it fixed while he was gone, so I could have his favorite ice cream for him when he got home. I called and had a technician come... and found out that it has a freon leak (a common ailment of old fridges). In order to have it fixed, they'd have to take it to their shop, fix the leak, and then monitor it for a week, which would cost $500! The guy did Not recommend this (which I wasn't considering anyway). So... no ice cream for Philip, and we need a new fridge!

After the fridge guy left, we headed on base and I worked out (for free!) at the gym, while the kids played in the kid's area (about 20 feet from where I was, so I could keep an eye on them). I went three miles... in 38 minutes. Is that embarrassing to say on the internet? Yes, but I plan to Greatly improve my time! =)

This evening I helped serve at our weekly church dinner. My friend, Jen, and I both showed up wearing IDENTICAL shirts, without planning it! How funny is that!?

The green twins

It was nice to have something going on this evening, with Philip gone. The kids had a great time with their friends in the nursery and I had a great time with My friends in the kitchen! Oh, and the tacos (and amazing chocolate, nut, caramel dessert) were amazing too!

Just talked to Philip. He has really long days there, so I let Keenan stay up late in order to talk to him. He's doing well. I guess they had "chores" assigned in alphabetical order (rank didn't factor in)... and he had to clean the latrines! Gross!

I'm off to bed, another busy day on tap tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I'm SO SAD about your fridge! I LOVE you fridge! The ice cubes were so convenient :(


PS- Sad that THIS is the post that gets me to comment, eh?

Mom W. said...

Well, I guess it is a good thing that your fridge hasn't quit altogether!!

Flakymn said...

Actually Joia, and I mean this, 38 minutes is not bad AT ALL. In my very best shape, I can MAYBE run 8-9 minute miles (24-27 minutes). Normally I am closer to 10-11 minute miles when doing 3 miles (30-33 minutes). So to be doing 38 is not too shabby at all. Walking pace is about 15 minute miles so you are well ahead of this. I look forward to watching you improve! It'll come quickly.

Have you thought about doing a sprint triathlon? I think we should do one together sometime!

Jessica said...

The sprints are the things Matt has been doing. I would love to do one day with you guys! :) It is 1/4mile swim, 10-13 mile bike and then a 5K run (3.1 miles). It can vary slightly, but that is pretty close to what it will be. What do you think Joia?!? :)