Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The kids and I actually made it to story/craft time at the library today for the first time in a while. We got seven books, three movies, and each of the kids left with a balloon, a prize and a lollipop! What a morning! =)

Always the lady =)

Pretty balloons for craft time

This girl's here to read books!

Keenan even prefers the trains over story time!

Thought this was sort of fun

The kid's balloon faces =)


Isaac said...

That sounds like fun and I like the first pic where Moriah is on the chairs :-)

Mom E said...

It's so fun to see Isaac commenting on your blog. :) I liked the way the colors of the books seemed to match the colors of Moriah's dress in the pic where she was walking in the aisle of the library. Love you.

Flakymn said...

All of a sudden Keenan looks OLD in these pictures.

Isaac actually talks about Keenan quite a bit. Apparently there was a toy he has Isaac remembers!