Friday, September 3, 2010

I would make a terrible Boy Scout...

...other than the fact that I'm not a boy. Today I was Not prepared.

I went to Wal-Mart with the kids. Keenan said he had to pee. We went to the bathroom. He didn't pee (still weirded out by strange bathrooms, I think). We left the bathroom and I forgot to ask again. He peed on the floor in the toy section (a very large puddle, I might add). What do I do?? I found someone to clean it up and then realized (or was at least pretty sure that I had no diaper bag or change of clothes for him), quickly followed by Moriah announcing "poo-poo!" Great.

Okay, quick goodbyes were said to Rebekah and her boys (who we had met up with in the toy section), and we headed over and picked up a box of diapers in Moriah's size. I was already buying pants for Keenan, so figured he'd be okay once we got him out of his wet clothes. Once we got out to the van, I realized that I did in fact have a clean pair of shorts, but no underwear for Keenan, so he got clean shorts and went commando. I pulled out one of Moriah's new diapers, and discovered that I had exactly four (nearly dried out from the sun) wipes left in a pack in the van - whew! Disaster narrowly averted.

Clean, dry kids buckled into their seats, animal crackers doled out, and we were on our way...
Nap time was coming up in about an hour, but I decided (insane person that I am) to head on base and cram in a trip to the Commissary on the way home. Not my best idea. Today is a "Family Day" (holiday for most) on base, so Everyone else was at the Commissary too! After already being at Wal-Mart, the kids were "so over" being in the cart, and proceeded to fight the entire time we were in the store (and kicked it up a notch for the folks waiting impatiently in line behind me at the self checkout) awesome.

Next it was home for much needed naps for the kids, while I got the carport cleared out for our yard sale in morning.

I went back to the eye doctor for a final contact lens check, and then was home for a bit before heading out for a "Chick Flick Night" with my friends from MOPS! Totally fun! Great girly movie... complete with popcorn, chips, donuts, nerds, sweet tarts, milk duds, M&M's.... good times.

I just got home... to an empty house! Philip is out doing some shopping with the kids. Wow... so nice.



Aunt Heather said...

When we were toilet training I got to know all the store bathrooms - the kids were curious. We even saw staff bathrooms at stores that don't have public bathrooms!

Jessica said...

what movie did you see?

I know, that is so not the right thing to say after that kind of day and I really do empathize, I promise! :) :) :)