Friday, September 17, 2010

A Day in the Life of.. Me

It's been a rather busy day. No pictures, but here, in short points is our day:

9:30, Keenan had an appointment in Fort Walton Beach to have his hearing checked. I had been wondering for a while if he was having hearing problems because, often when I tell/ask him something, he'll say, "Say it wowder (louder)!" Well, turns out, after about three minutes, they decided his hearing was fine. Maybe I just need to speak clearer.

9:45, Stop at the post office to weigh and price a S&S order I'm sending to Minnesota.

9:55, drop off a red,white and blue tutu for a sweet three month old baby who's daddy is coming home from deployment in a couple of weeks. =)

10:10, visit to Sonic to get a Cream Slush (they're like a milk shake and slushie mixed, very good and half off right now!) I let Keenan chose the flavor. He chose Blue Coconut. That's all I have to say about that.

10:35, stop in at Sweet Repeats Consignment to see if they've priced the AMAZING Schwinn Double Jogger that I saw in there yesterday. Still no price, but I check it out and take some pictures, and put my name on the "want list", I'm #2.

10:50 Stop at home to check my email and see if the person from Minnesota has sent me her address yet so I can actually get the package in the mail. Nope.

11:00, Pop into Dollar General to buy wrapping paper for a gift for a birthday party tomorrow, and also pick up some pink tablecloths for Moriah's birthday party in December. Keenan needed to pee while we were there, so I asked the cashier if they had a restroom, and she retrieved a key and gave it to me, and pointed me to the back of the "Employees Only" area to where it was. Why is it locked??? Weird.

11:15, Head into Bealls to get some sort of "work out clothes", since I don't really own anything that fits that description, and I plan to do a lot more of that in the near future. I picked out about five things, while trying to keep an eye on the kids, running in different directions, herded them into the change room, pulled Keenan back under the door by his shirt, decided on only one of the things I'd picked out, paid and left.

11:16, Get back in the van, where Keenan picks up the cup with the rest of the Cream Slush in it, and proceeds to take the top off and spill it all over himself. Blue. Sticky. Yuck.

* Okay, so we had already made a lot of stops, and with each one the kid's behavior was getting worse*

11:35, Back home to throw lunches together before we head on base to meet some friends for lunch at the splash pad. The kids ramp it up to "totally ballistic" and I make the call to let Brittny know we will not be joining them. =0/

11:40, Bust into a box that came in the mail with more Sugar and Spice stuff.

11:50, Fix lunch for the kids.

12:15, Moriah down for a nap.

12:20, Tidy up kitchen.

12:40, Put Keenan down for a nap.

12:42-1:15, Continue putting Keenan down for a nap.

1:20, Call Sweet Repeats to see if they've priced the double jogger yet. They have, $190. I go online and do some research. Discover that in it's mint condition, at this price, it's still about $50 cheaper than buying a new one (and then paying for shipping on a package that weighs 38 lbs).

1:30, Call Philip and convince him to let me get it.

1:35, Call back to the store and find out that the #1 on the list just walked out with it.

1:36, So bummed.

1:45, Decide to take a nap myself, and am soon joined by Keenan, who surprisingly falls asleep quickly and leaves me thinking (not for the first or the last time) how precious he is and how I ever think anything but the sweetest thoughts about him... =)

2:30, Wake up, and soon realize that I'd forgotten to put deodorant on - gross!!

2:45, Check my email and then race down the street to my friend's house to take her a "sampling" of my Sugar and Spice stuff, since she was going to visit family and New Orleans and offered to show them some of my stuff!

3:35, Both kids up from naps. Cranky, we need to do something.

4:00, We arrive at Turkey Creek with our "sort of double jogger" and I decide to Run with both kids! After 1/4 mile, I stop and walk and Keenan says, "Mom, we want to go fast again!" I say, "Keenan....pant, pant, Mommy...needs to...take... a...break, gasp" Turns out, if you have only run about three times in the last ten years, you should probably let yourself get used to the idea of running again, while only propelling your own body somewhere, and not add 60 lbs of kid, plus a stroller to the mix! After that I did a mixture of running and walking, which worked much better.

4:25, Back into the van, Very sweaty.

4:28, Arrive back home and see Myrtle outside watering her flowers, so we go over to chat and Keenan tries to soak himself in the hose.

4:40, Walk back home, clear out, vacuum out the van (actually one of my favorite cleaning projects). Wipe out the rest of the Blue Coconut mess from Keenan's seat. Gross.

5:00, The evening just turned into a blur... Fee the kids dinner, followed by laundry, tidying up, making popcorn, cleaning up toys, eating dried mango (just me, yum), applaud poop in the potty, notice my hairbrush is wet, ask why, wish I hadn't.

It's now 7:15 and we're hoping Philip will be home soon. Not looking forward to him being gone all next week. =0/

And that's that.


Mom W. said...

Yes indeed, what a day... can't believe you didn't take any pictures... =) That's OK though!Really it is.

Flakymn said...

Whew ... what a day. Why are you going to start running NOW after I leave!!! ;( I miss you Joia a lot.

Anna said...

Hi Joia,

I found your blog through Wendi's some time ago and have loved following all your adventures (and amazing pictures) of the Emerald Coast.

I recently started running and thought you might like the following two links. I really never ran before and now I slowly run for about 30 minutes a day (about 2.5 miles).

The first is a link to a running plan designed to get a non-runner (like me) to running a 5K (if you so choose).

The second is a link to a podcast (you can download through the site or itunes for free) that someone made that follows the schedule and adds some upbeat/low key music and keeps the time so you know when to run and walk. With kids you may not want to run with an Ipod but I thought it was worth passing along.

It is a really simple program to follow and I was amazed how I could work up to 30 minutes in no time. If you decided to follow this it sounds like you might even be able to skip the first few weeks at the rate you are going.

All the best!