Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Daily Post"? Not exactly...

What is with me lately? It's like, all of a sudden, I can't keep up with blogging! Okay, recap from the last couple of days...

Thursday was MOPS (I Love our group this year - so many cool new moms!)

In the afternoon, Rebekah and I hit the Carters and Osh Kosh outlets to get some great deals. We had four kids between us, and Osh Kosh was pretty much a nightmare, with kids running every which way, hiding under racks, knocking clothes down, etc. At one point, Keenan and Elijah went into the change room, locked the door, and then crawled out under the door! Awesome. Both boys needed to go to the bathroom at the same time and Osh Kosh didn't have one we could use, so I took them about five stores down to use one, came back... and about ten minutes later, Keenan wet his pants. Out to the van, change clothes, come back in, get a couple more things, check out. Drive to Carters. I decide it would be smarter for me to watch the kids at the play area outside, have Rebekah go in and get her stuff, and then we'd switch. That worked great. When I came out, she had taken the kids to a cafe to get some drinks. I walk in, find Keenan under a table, and when he comes out, it's apparent he's had another accident, times two. Back to the van to clean him up and I'm now out of clean clothes. Moriah was playing around in the front seat while I got Keenan cleaned up and into his carseat (sitting on a towel that I miraculously found in the back of the van). I shut his door, walk around to my side, and realize that Moriah has locked me out. Perfect. As much as I tried, she totally didn't get it when I told her to lift up the lock, or to push the button on the door. She just sat there and giggled. I gave up on her and went around to Keenan's side. I convinced him to unbuckle his top buckle, squeeze his arms out of the straps, and lean forward, where he could barely reach the lock button on his door, and... bingo! I was in. Not the perfect afternoon, but I did get some great deals with a great friend! =)

Friday, I watched Christopher and Sophie in the morning while Brittny took their dog to the vet, and then we all went to Marler Park (along with Devin, of Devin and Melissa) with our kids for lunch, playground and swimming in the very shallow and clear, beautiful water!

A couple pictures from that day:

Christopher, Keenan, Eden and Jade

Today has been really fun. We went to a surprise birthday party for Melissa (of Melissa and Devin). We had made plans with them last weekend to come to their house and swim this morning, since they live right on the bayou. This way we were able to get Melissa out of the house and down to the water, where two boats full of other friends pulled up and we all sang "Happy Birthday"! She was totally surprised. Then we loaded up the rest of us, along with food, drinks, and a grill and headed to Crab Island for several hours! It was perfect weather, we met some new friends, it was (surprisinly) not crowded and we all had a great time! Then we headed back to their house for some amazing "Strawberry Cheesequake" ice cream cake from DQ. Not a bad day at all!

Now the kids and I are chilling for the afternoon while Philip finishes up some stuff at work. Here's some pictures from today:

Moriah and I on the way out

A bunch of the boats around us

Trisha, Isaac, Rod and Melissa

Us (Go Blue!)

Devin, the grill master

Moriah busting into the donut box (not the first time, either!)

Erik with Moriah in a noodle

The babies asleep on the way back

Since I just noticed it has already been announced to the blog world... I am excited to announce that my oldest brother, Tim and his wife, Steph are expecting another baby in March! Woohoo!


Mom E said...

Congratulations to Tim and Steph...and you, Aunt Joia. :-)

Flakymn said...

Joia, your day at the store made me happy. Happy that I am not the only one that has a moment where I think, "HOLY COW! WHAT ELSE CAN HAPPEN?!" ... ;)