Monday, September 20, 2010

35 Years!

In lieu of the card that I didn't get in the mail (cough)... here is a post in honor of my parent's 35th Wedding Anniversary! Congratulations!

Here is a picture of them on their wedding day:

...and just this summer:

My parents have truly lived out an example of what a good marriage looks like. I lived with them for 23 of those 35 years, and believe me, nobody can fake it that long. They've got the real thing. =)

Dad and Mom, thank you for showing me what it means to trust, be honest, say you're sorry, ask forgiveness, sacrifice, believe in each other, and put God first. It makes me so proud to call you my parents.

I love you, here's to the next 35! =)


The Woodford's said...

Great post, Joia! =) We love you so much, Dad and Mom! Happy Anniversary!

Mom E said...

Great post, Joia. Happy Anniversary to your folks!

Mom W. said...

Thank you Joia, you made me cry... a good cry!