Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Frosting and Fridges

This morning we had Jade and Eden here for a few hours. I decided it would be fun to make cupcakes with the kids. =)

Eden was a big help with the cupcake papers!

Ready to go!

I think Moriah has the tip stuck Into her cupcake! =)

Hard at work

This is basically what she did the whole time... licked the frosting off, and then had me add more!

Eden making hers pretty

Sprinkle time!


Jade and his finished cupcakes

Keenan's collection

Eden's artwork

... and Moriah's still eating =)

In other great news, our new fridge was delivered today! They (Sears) have free delivery And hal away, so they also took our old one with them!

Last picture of our old fridge


...and the new beauty

Look at all that space!

I am sooo excited! Tomorrow we will have ice cream! =)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Super Anniversary

Yesterday couldn't have been better. It started off with the ideal Saturday morning (as covered in my previous post). After that, Moriah took a nap, and Keenan and Philip left to do "man stuff" (pick up sand for the sand box, etc), while I blogged and read a book - alone! When they returned, they brought me a pretty bouquet of colored daisies (that Keenan picked out), as well as a lemon berry cream slush from Sonic! How sweet!

When Moriah woke up from her nap, we decided to go do some fridge shopping. When I opened the door of the van, there was Another bouquet of flowers (a dozen orange roses this time), waiting for me, along with a really sweet card from Philip! Isn't he awesome? =)

In the afternoon, the kids and I took naps, and then we got ready and dropped the kids off with Dr. G, and headed to Destin for our date at Melting Pot!

Philip had never been before, and I think he was properly impressed. We got our own little two person booth, with side by side seating, candles, and an anniversary card! It was an amazing evening! Everything was wonderful! We had the entree that included lobster, sirloin, chicken, shrimp, etc, and it was totally amazing. For our dessert fondue, we chose the "Flaming Turtle" one. Chocolate and Caramel with pecans.... oh so good... =)

All my gorgeous flowers!

At the end of the night with our dessert fondue

When we left the restaurant, there was an Identical Honda Odyssey parked next to us, with a sun pass on the windshield and everything - it was very funny!

Not a very clear picture of the two of us at Destin Commons

This worked better

What a great day and date! =) I am so blessed.

Today has been good too. We had our church "picnic" inside the gym since the weather was bad, but it was still fun! Then we headed to Sears... and bought a beautiful fridge!! Woohoo! I'm sooo excited! I consider that to be a Great anniversary present! Now I just have to contain myself until Wednesday when it'll be delivered. =)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

An ideal Saturday morning

Today had the perfect start to a sixth anniversary here in our home, with all four of us together. All four of us snuggled in bed for a while, and then decided to go get fresh donuts. After we picked up the donuts, we decided to check out a brand new board walk that was recently completed in Niceville.

Here are some pictures from our adventure - it actually Looks like fall, even though it certainly doesn't feel like it yet!

I love this


The brand new boardwalk

At the end

Looking back on the boardwalk

So pretty

I was excited to catch this!

Me and my girl =)

Keenan having a hard time not being silly

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Yesterday I learned about Gopher Tortoises! Turns out we have one living in our yard! He came ambling out into the driveway and I soon realized that he can move pretty fast! By the time I had run to get my camera, he was out of the driveway and headed down the street! Our neighbor, Phil, told me what it was and took him out of the street and put him in his yard. Keenan was totally fascinated by it. Apparently they live in burrows under the ground and are endangered! What does that mean for him when our yard gets redone?? Hmm....

He must have Just come out of his hole, because he was quite dirty

Walking down the street

Eating grass

Close up

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Sixth Anniversary, Philip!

I decided a couple days ago that it would be fun to have some pictures taken in my wedding dress to surprise Philip with when he got back. He got home last night by the way, which is the best anniversary present ever! =)

Yesterday, I met up with Rebekah and Brittny and their kids at Marler Park, and Rebekah took a bunch of pictures while Brittny kept an eye on all the kids at the playground. Thanks to both of you! I had my hair all curled nicely, but the wind and humidity ruined it all before we even started taking pictures.. =0/

I just have to mention again - my mom made this dress! =)

Happy Anniversary, Babe. I love you so much! It has been a great six years at your side and I look forward to many more! (I'm also really looking forward to our date at Melting Pot tonight!)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Swashbucklin' Tales 'o the high seas!

Tonight the kids and I had a first ever pirate experience! Devin and Melissa invited us to join them, their kids, Devin's parents, and his nephew on a pirate ship cruise in Panama City Beach! It was really fun! We boarded an 85 ft pirate ship with a ton of other people and set sail to see dolphins, hunt for treasure, dance, swab the deck, laugh, listen to fun music, hear some pirate stories, shoot the canons, get pirate hats, loot, candy, tatoos and faces painted! Shiver me timbers, it was a great time! Oh, and I almost forgot, we had some decent swells and the boat was really rocking at points! Crazy stuff... =)

Keenan got to feed the fish (thanks, Melissa!) while we waited
(Doesn't he look sooo skinny in this picture??)

All the kids as we pulled away from the dock

Two of the ship hands at the top of the mast

Close up of Bones and Rotten Eye

Keenan Loved the boat wide water gun fight! =)


Moriah was a little more mellow

Melissa and I and some yummy Rum Punch

All the boys swabbing the deck

Hard at work =)

"Hey, I thought this was supposed to be Fun, not work!"

Moriah chillin' with Melissa and Pam

Keenan and Jade sword fighting on deck

One of my favorite pictures of the day =)

Watching the water with the wind in her hair

The coolest part - hoisting up the treasure chest from the deep!

Everyone gathered around

Keenan and Jade choosing their treasure

Me 'n' my pirates

After chilling on the bench for a while, he started to join in with the Funky Chicken Dance!

Love this

Trying to figure out what to do with a tambourine

After we got off the ship, we had dinner at Scampy's a nearby seafood place. The food was excellent, but my kids were totally melting down and ready for bed! I got them in the van, snuggled up with blankets and bunnies, set the GPS for home, and five minutes later Keenan was asleep! Moriah, however stayed awake for most of the hour and a half drive home! Then Philip called, she talked to him, gave him kisses through the phone.. and went to sleep. How sweet. =)