Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yes, I'm still here too

Wow, you know things are getting bad around here when Philip chooses (all on his own) to blog in my absence! =0/ Ouch.

Sorry folks - Philip is right, we HAVE been having a lot of fun with both of our families, and... I Am really bummed about not being able to post pictures.... =0/

The baby shower I went to yesterday was really fun and definitely the fanciest I'd ever been to! It was in a hotel ballroom, with white table cloths and linens, uniformed waiters wearing white gloves, and amazing food! The cake (covered in shaved white chocolate) was the best part of all. =) It was fun hanging out with all the girls in the family, and a few of us even won some prizes!

At the baby shower, Bridget managed to convince several of us to come and work out with her this morning at this new gym she recently discovered. It's called Nth Degree Fitness (because they work you to the nth degree!) I was game, but was a little nervous, since the last time I really worked out was in my prenatal fitness class when I was pregnant with Moriah! It was really fun but pretty intense. The whole room is painted black, with funky colored lighting, mirrors, and fun music. During the 55 minute class, you switch every five minutes from treadmills to weights. I was happy to be walking out of there on my own steam. =) My least favorite parts of the "torture" were the 8 percent incline on the treadmill and the nasty ab workout exercises. All in all, a great time with the girls, and definitely makes me want to search out some work out opportunities when I get home!

All the family came over this afternoon for some fun outdoor games and delicious shish kabobs! We had a great time and lots of laughs, as usual. =)

The kids are in bed, so Philip and I are going to chill and watch some tv... night!

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