Saturday, August 7, 2010

We're still alive...

...but wouldn't expect you to know that just from reading the blog. We're back in Michigan now, after it took 2 hrs to get across the border yesterday. No holdups once we got to the customs agent, just a whole lot of traffic at the Blue Water Bridge so we decided to take the ferry but it was also moving very slow since one ship was out of service. Joia hasn't really been feeling the bug to blog for the last few days which I think is multifactorial. The biggest has been that she has just been having too much fun first up in northern Ontario and today at a baby shower for my cousin's wife. The other huge reason is that we have lost the cable to connect our camera to the computer and thus the pictures remain unedited. Without pictures to post it's like she doesn't even see the point. I'm personally scared of the 200-picture post (or actually more like five 50-picture posts) that will be coming when we return home. Goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha Philip!

I feel your trepidation!!! I think you SHOULD be trembling in fear! I on the other hand, am looking forward to the big long post!

Thanks for all the tennis lessons! Mark and I really enjoyed learning to play (a little).

Love you guys and we`re SO thankful we were able to ALL be at the cottage together!

Love Rebekah

Joia said...

LOL... definitely the first time "multifactorial" has been used in a sentence on this blog! =)

Mom said...

Great minds think alike, Joia, b/c when I saw "multifactorial", I made a mental note to comment on it and found you already had! ha ha Philip. U R 2 funny!