Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vote for a great cause!

Several of my good friends have kids that go to the school talked about below, it would mean a lot to me and them if you Facebook users out there would vote for their school (and it's great cause)... see below:

Kohl's Cares Facebook Competition - Shalimar Elementary Needs Your Help

I received a request to share this information with you. I think it is a great cause so I am happy to help! I had not heard of the Kohl's Cares program until today, but after checking it out and reading this school's story I do hope they win one of the 20 cash prizes. See info below:

The Shalimar Elementary story:

Coach Collins was a friend and mentor to many people at that school and for years she was trying to gain grants to build the school a new track. While trying to access funding she organized and ran many events that were tailored to teach students and their family members the importance of Physical Education. This past June, Coach Collins passed away suddenly while participating in her first local triathlon. This contest is a way for the community to not only achieve her dream, but preserve her memory with a track dedicated to her dedication and drive for her love of the school.

Voting ends Sept. 3rd and in order to vote, you would need to go to “Kohls” on Facebook and like their page. On the “Kohls Cares” tab you can navigate to the application. After joining the app, you can utilize this link to go directly to Shalimar Elementary (Okaloosa County, FL).

They are currently in the #50 spot and will need a ton of votes to get in the top 20 by September 3. You can vote up to 5 times for the school and all users get 20 votes. Whoever you choose to vote for, I think this is a great program that Kohl's is running! Click here to vote. Happy voting!


Anonymous said...

Joia, Thank you so much for posting this! Glad you're home safely. I look forward to seeing you next week!

Jessica said...

i did it! Thanks for sharing this-i hope they win!!