Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pictures from our trip to MI, ON, and OH

Even after cutting down my 985 pictures to 364, there is no way I can post them all on here. So... I'm doing a series of posts with the "basic shots" from our three weeks. I've also posted a "Funny pics" album on my Facebook page that you can check out, and I'll be putting some others on my picture blog soon (helps to spread it out a little so I don't completely overwhelm Philip when it comes time for him to turn this part into a blog book!)

All of my siblings and spouses got together for dinner at The Great Canadian Steakhouse in London, yum!

The three story, octagonal cottage we got in Collingwood, ON

The main living area

Philip and I preparing food for one of our assigned meals at the cottage

Ada reading to Keenan =)

Instead of having birthday cake, we decided to let the kids decorate cupcakes when we celebrated a couple birthdays. Man, can those kids down some cupcakes!!




The birthday "cake" for Rebekah and Tim

The birthday kids

Loved this shot of Keenan and his cousins watching a movie together in the hammock

Many more to come! Sleep is important too... =)

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Mom E said...

what an awesome cottage! Octagonal. Never seen one like that before.