Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On the road again

Time to hit the highway again...

This morning we leave Michigan and head to Ohio. We'll be visiting Philip's sister, Trisha, her husband Charlie and their kids, Kiah and Micah. We may stay the night with them, not sure yet. After that, it's on to Grandma Eberts' farm (also in Ohio) for a few days in the country!

The last couple days have been great. On Monday we were able to get together with our great friends, Anthony and Melissa again, and at the same time got to see our friends Josh and Amanda (and their son, Ethan), who we haven't seen in ages. We used to be in a small group together here in MI before we moved.

Here's are a couple pictures from that evening that I stole from Facebook:

All of our kids! Ethan, Moriah, Keenan, Maddy and Nino

Melissa and I (miss her soo much!)

Anthony, Philip and Keenan

Yesterday we met up with Uncle Dennis and Aunt Mary (and Denise and Daniel's sweet triplets) at a beautiful park in St. Clair Shores. It had an Awesome splash pad, as well as a huge playground - the kids loved it! We had a nice picnic lunch together before heading back to Troy to get the kids down for naps.
Well, everyone else is still sleeping here... I should get to packing. See you in Ohio!

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Mom E said...

Give Trisha et al big hugs for me. I'm so glad you are able to see them. I know Trisha is very excited. Melissa looks great, btw. Love, Mom