Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mall Fun/Last Pics from our Trip

Due to bad weather, our plans to go to the park this morning were foiled, so we decided to go to the mall (with Rebekah and her kids) instead and let the kids run around and burn off some energy. It was fun! It's especially nice that the kids are still young enough to have fun playing on the coin operated cars/trucks etc, without knowing that they are supposed to have money put in them! =)

Moriah in the ice cream truck

The boys at the wheels

I am in Love with these $5 shoes and $3 leggings!

Here are the rest of the pictures from our trip (MI and OH):

With our great "small group" friends, Anthony and Melissa and Josh and Amanda!

With all our kiddos!

Super Dad!

Trisha and our kids by their pool

Moriah "wearing" some Polly Pocket sunglasses =)

In Gradma Eberts' amazing pool!!

My studly husband

Goin' for a ride

At a pretty park near Grandma's

I Love this picture of her! =)

At the school across from Grandma's

Practicing her balance

In the school bus

Fun shot of Keenan in Philip's glasses

Love these three =)

Sitting on a hay bale!

... and just for your amusement, here's a picture of my failed attempt at trying to join the kids!

Funny girl


Wegner Family said...

I bought those shoes for my daughter too! However, I could not get them on her feet. I know they are plenty big, but with the laces the way they such luck. :(

Brittny said...

did you get those leggings at kmart? i was just in there yesterday and saw them and thought they were so cute! glad you and bekah had fun at the mall. i don't remember who put the first coin in for my kids but i figure if we take a long enough break from them maybe they will forget the need one. doubt it!

Joia said...

Brittny, I did get the leggings at Kmart! =)

Mom W. said...

Nice pic. of Grandma E.!!! and everyone!!!

Jessica said...

awww, i love the pic of Grandma! I know you guys made her month by stopping and spending so much time with her. Wish we could have been there too. I LOVE going to the farm. :) The pic of Moriah with the sunglasses on her nose is hilarious!!!

Mom E said...

I love the pic of Gr'ma too! And so fun to see Trisha on the blog also. All the visits to Hamden, and I've never even thought to go across the street to the school's playground! I know Gr'ma really enjoyed your visit.