Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Groovy Cupcakes/More Trip Pics

After a MOPS steering activity this morning and some errand running, the kids and I decided to make cupcakes! Just for fun, we decided to dye the cake batter three different colors and layer them in the cups...

My helpers putting the papers in the pans

Okay, so they're a little bright (freaky) looking and sort of look like they're made out of play-dough...

...but they were fun and the kids love them!

They even prefer them without frosting - perfect!

Now more pictures of my family on our trip up north:

Keenan and Brayden
(all of the kid's outfits are compliments of Rebekah and Mark!)

Mika giving Grandpa a big kiss

Rob, Ada and Brayden

Tim and Steph and their beautiful girls

My mom and dad


Us and our goofy kids

Rebekah and Mark

All the handsome men in our family =)

Love this one of Mika and Keenan hittin' the beach!

The kids doing the Funky Chicken dance at our "talent night"

Back in Michigan at a baby shower for Philip's cousin's wife
(This cake, covered in white chocolate shavings, was Amazing!!)

Wow... not your typical baby shower location, but Gorgeous!!

Emma and Megan

Bridget and Angela

Aunt Patti and Grandma

Aunt Toni and Taylor

Aunt Mary and I

Hanging out watching the "beanbag toss competition" at Aunt Mary's house


Dana said...

I LOVE the multi-coloured cupcakes! What a great idea! So fun!

Mom E said...

Those cupcakes were really cool. And it was great to see the Dooley girls! Gr'ma Dooley looked so great!
Oh, and that pic of Mika with your dad was priceless!!! Very precious!!

Mom W. said...

Wow, was I behind on your blog!!! Fun time catching up though!!! Fun pictures and the cupcakes are cool... neat idea!!

Anonymous said...

I love the girls' dresses. In fact, Gabby has the same one.... I'll be sure to pass it down your way :)