Monday, August 16, 2010

Good to be home

Today has been a good day back at home. This morning we got together for breakfast with Rebekah and Brittny and their kids which was really fun and yummy! I sure missed those girls when I was gone, so it was great to reconnect!

The rest of the day has been spent going to the library, running errands, going to our favorite Sonic, and playing at home.

Here are the next bunch of pictures from our trip:

Goofy girl the day we had "Christmas" at the cottage

Sweet Vivian in her tutu and wings =)
(Check out the new header on my Sugar and Spice blog!)

Funny kids on the trampoline

Niki in wings and a tutu - LOL!

Brayden =)

Moriah and Kyla

Two of my favs

Riah and I

While visiting some friends, Mark decided we should have a fireworks show!

Way fun!

The viewing area

Only part of the arsenal

Five guys lighting stuff off at once!!

Sparkler fun


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love your new header! The colours look so great together:)

(You have some nice pictures that I'd like. We need to find out what the easiest way is to send a bunch of pictures back and forth.)

I'm loving all the cottage pictures too! What a fun week!

Love you,


Mom E said...

The new header is awesome, Joia! As is the whole site. You should put Niki the dog dressed in tutu on your site too! It might open up a whole animal lover's customer base to you! And it would be just plain funny!
Seeing Philip setting up fireworks brought back great memories of when he used to do that in OH. It was always so much fun! We also loved the 'sled run' he'd create on the same hill in the winter! Love, Mom