Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Friends

In case any of you are wondering how I'm doing in the wake of "The Great Wifia Exodus"... I am so blessed! I have not been left lonely. =) I am surrounded by good friends here! Rebekah and Brittny are the ones I have spent the most time with so far, and I am also blessed to have many other resident and staff wives here at Eglin that are my friends. My MOPS group is amazing and is another great source of encouragement, fun and friendships. God is so good. =)

Speaking of the wifia - they are all doing great as well!

Jodi has found North Dakota to be unexpectedly beautiful and welcoming.
Andrea is already in a great community of friends, church, preschool, MOPS, etc in California.
Tiffany is right at home in her new community in the Promised Land (aka Texas).
Wendi has found life in Turkey to be an amazing adventure that she is loving.
Sarah has embraced Japan and has already been traveling, blogging, and getting Della signed up with a modeling agency!
They rock!!

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Mom E said...

Thanks for the Wifia update. I've wanted to ask, but didn't want to risk it causing you sadness. So, I'm very happy to hear everyone is adjusting and doing so well, and most of all that You are doing well and making new friends.