Friday, August 13, 2010

All Good Things Must Come to an End...

Today has been wonderful. In light of the fact that Moriah decided to be awake for a four hour stretch in the middle of the night, it was great to have nothing on our agenda today, which allowed for some much needed rest for us all.

We went to a playground at a nearby lake this morning and then came home so the kids and I could take naps. After that, Keenan "helped" Grandma in the yard, picking up branches, with the lawn tractor and trailer. He even got to steer!

This afternoon we all spent a Bunch more time in the pool (it was soo hard to get out!). Great Grandma Eberts came over for a visit and we had another amazing dinner outside!

After dinner, we took the kids to the playground at the school across the road and then took some cute pictures around the farm before Philip and the kids hit the pool again for one last swim before the kids went to bed.

We hit the road for home in the morning. Still not sure if we'll stop on the way or drive straight through, we'll make that decision as the day goes. Please pray for safe travel and happy kids!

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Mom E said...

I'm so grateful you got to spend so much time on "the farm". I know Gr'ma Really appreciated your company and the one one one time with each other! Thanks for taking the time to do that. Love, Mom