Monday, July 26, 2010

Takin' it easy in MI

Yesterday was a relaxing day, spent here at the house. In the evening, Philip was able to go to a Tigers baseball game and the kids and I did some shopping and found a nice park to burn off some energy.

We got to sleep in again this morning and hung out here until after Moriah's nap and then headed over to see Grandma. We swam in the pool at her complex and then she took us out for dinner at Gurnsey's Dairy. It was delicious and their ice cream is especially amazing. It was one of the places that Philip remembers his family going to when he was young, so it was fun to be there with the kids. Moriah came home with so much chocolate ice cream on her clothes that Uncle Ty and Aunt Mary were able to guess (without any other hints) where we had gone for dinner! =)

We set out in the morning for Ontario. We'll be meeting up with my family in Orangeville for dinner and then going to the visitation for my Grandma in the evening. We'll all spend the night at a local hotel and then the funeral is on Wednesday afternoon.

Not sure when I'll be able to post again, but I do hope to hijack my brother's Mac and get some pictures on here soon!


Jessica said...

I'm surprised Philip let you call that place Gurnsey's!! We always called it Rocky's because of the huge rocks outside that you sit on to eat your ice cream. Phil, didn't those rocks look a lot smaller now? I remember going there last time we were in town and thinking, wow, that rock shrunk!!! :)

Jessica said...

and I always got french vanilla. seriously? now, I think, I should have branched out a bit b/c their ice cream is amazinggggg.