Saturday, July 3, 2010

Random pictures

I hadn't taken any pictures yesterday, so in the afternoon when we headed out to run some errands, I took the camera along... this is what happened:

Cute guy in the backseat!

Me in the mirror

Philip is very happy about me taking his picture =)

The boys went to Lowes, the girls went to Wal-Mart...

Moriah in the middle of a clothes rack =)

...and another one

On the way home, we stopped at the splash park on base:

Apparently I should have bought this swimsuit in a larger size!


I LOVE the look on her face here!

Keenan running through a sprayer

On the move

Trying to spray Moriah

I can't believe how brave Moriah is with these sprayers!

Loved this shot (and the cute little cover up I just got Moriah)

Back at home:

Moriah after eating a chocolate covered pretzel

Keenan being silly with his popsicle

I think this picture proves that the paint color in our kitchen is actually "orange popsicle" not "tangerine" like the paint swatch said =0/


Goggles in the bathtub! (Moriah's were fogged up)

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