Friday, July 9, 2010

Pool Time/Making the Beach More Fun!

Yesterday we went to my friend, Jen's house to swim in their new pool! It's gorgeous and was really fun!

Moriah in with Jen

One of the worst pictures of me in a while =)

Happy "swimmer"!

Moriah and Gabby in their matching suits
(Moriah is saying "cheese" with a grape in her mouth)

I love the "fresh out of the pool" hair do =)

Isn't it beautiful?? Thanks, Jen!

This morning a bunch of the residency wives decided to get together at the beach. We went and had the best beach time we've had in a long time! Good stuff! =0)

Sidney, JB and Robyn

Beach Babe

Keenan playing with his friend, Will


She had a great time!

I love this one


Wow, someone needs some sun on her legs!

Keenan, Will and Matt

Madelaine trying out her sand shovel =)

JB and Robyn

The little girls

Love all the greens and blues

Rebekah and her boys came too!

Our first (of many, I'm sure) picture together!

Grace and sweet Abigail

So, while I love the beach, I hate the SAND part of the beach. Hate it. It makes every trip to the beach a chore and it sticks to everything and everyone and comes home with us. Sand is an unwelcome guest in my house. Even when there are sprayers, we never get all the sand off because it's always hiding somewhere that can't be reached. Then it gets all over the carseats and the van and... yuck. Often the kids fall asleep on the way home from the beach, so my options are: either wake them up for a bath, or put them in bed sandy and have to change the sheets later. What to do?

Today I decided to do something about it. I got one of our large storage bins (with a lid), put it in the back of the van and filled it up about half way with water. I put the lid on so it wouldn't spill while I was driving. Then I put a big round bin in beside that. After we had our fun at the beach, we came back to the van, I stripped the kids down, sat them in their beach chairs and (using a small beach pail) totally rinsed them off before drying them off (with clean, dry towels that I had left in the van), dressing them and putting them in their seats. (I'll use a watering can next time for more of a "shower effect"). After I rinsed myself and the chairs off, I put all the nasty, sandy, wet stuff in the other bin, so that NOTHING sandy came in the rest of the van with us. It worked wonderfully! We all felt better, and I was able to put clean, fresh kids into their beds when we arrived home. =)

Water bin and sandy stuff bin

This is how clean the van still was when we got home!


Simply the Storeys said...

seriously impressive, Joia! I had my doubts, but you certainly outdid me on the no sand goal!

Brittny said...

now i'm sad we didn't go! we'll have to do it next time.

Mom. W. said...

Brilliant idea Joia (don't know where my comment went.. maybe you'll have two)!

The Mac's House said...

WOW! That pool is amazing!

Excellent idea for keeping the sand at the beach instead of everywhere that isn't welcome.

LOL..... only wish my vehicle looked that clean!

Anonymous said...

Baby powder takes sand off everything. We keep it in our beach bag. It's like the "magic erasur" of the beach. We love it! However, you are amazing!! and I love the organization.

Jen said...

I had to check out this post. Yesterday Vanessa tried to convince me that you posted a picture of me in my bathing suit :) I love the picture of Gabby and Moriah, but it reminds me of how fast my baby is growing up :(

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

I am loving this sand idea. TOO Bad my children are WAY to old to strip down. We miss the days of FULL showers and getting in PJ's at the military beach club. :) Smart Mom, Joia!