Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Fourth!

We had a really fun Fourth! We had planned to go to Baytowne Wharf with our friends, but when the weather got sort of iffy, we decided to just hang out at the beach condo in Destin where Rob and Sarah, Cliff and Jodi and Matt and Tiff were all staying. It proved to be a Great choice!

At first we hung out by the pool while the guys and kids swam. When it started raining, we headed inside, dried off and snacked and chatted until the food was ready. The girls chatted inside, the kids watched a movie and the guys hung out with Matt by the grill (except when it was raining, then they abandoned Matt and stood under shelter!) =)

The food was.... Amazing! Matt grilled steaks, brats, chicken kabobs and hot dogs. We also had salad, mac'n'cheese, loaded potato skins and key lime pie for dessert! YUM...

After dinner and reminiscing and passing babies around, we headed down to the beach to light some sparklers and watch fireworks!

The sparklers never did light, but the fireworks were amazing! It wasn't even an "official" show, just several different groups down the beach, seemingly having a "competition" of lights - very impressive!

Before heading home, we all hugged and said our goobyes and hugged again... sooo not fun. (Four done, just one more to go).

Pictures from the evening:
We weren't prepared for the pool, so our kids just went in with swim diapers and Philip borrowed a suit from Rob

Keenan did really well with just a pool noodle!

Oh ya, he's got style =)

Coloring together (the last time for who knows how long)

Moriah wearing some silly bands

Della put a tutu on under her dress! =)

Good buddies - sure gonna miss William! =0/

Matt, the dedicated Grill Master

Tiff let the kids do some "poppers" out on the balcony

Moriah even did some!


Patriotic Reagan!

Love this

Love him

Matching shirts!

Philip and Rob

Moriah was sooo snuggly with Jodi all evening!

Della and William modeling the arm chair covers

Buds on the way to the fireworks

Girls on the beach

Some cool shots Philip got of the fireworks:

Keenan watching with rapt attention

All of us together in our matching shirts (even if they don't show)

Tiff and Matt with William and Reagan

Cliff and Jodi

Rob and Della

...joined by Sarah and Morgan!

Since today's a holiday too, when the kids get up from their naps, we're heading over to Josh and Rebekah's for a BBQ and some hang time!

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