Monday, July 19, 2010

Not Much

I'm in a bit of a blogging slump right now...

Philip just reminded me this weekend that we leave in one week for Michigan/Ontario! Wow! I totally thought we had Another week! Ooops - guess I'd better get to work on our packing list!

Short update on happenings in our house:

On Saturday night we watched a fun movie called "New in Town" (Wendi, did you recommend this one a while ago?) Quite funny... =)

Yesterday we went to church, and after naps went to the splash park, and then to Philip's office to do a bit of "decorating" =)

I made a couple additions to my Sugar and Spice blog today - business is pretty good! =)

I made sweet potato fries tonight (the first time ever) and Keenan decided he liked to dip his in peanut butter! Strange, but... whatever!

Off to complete my goal of going to bed early every night this week before our trip. I always seem to start our vacations sleep deprived, and then it just gets worse while we're gone, (and that doesn't make for the best Joia ever), so I'm determined to break that cycle this time!

Keenan asked Moriah the other day if she wanted "up", and she took him up on the offer! LOL!


denise said...

when are you going to be in MI? We will be there the beginning of August. Then leaving the boys with my parents to go to Montreal for Dan's conference, then back to MI. How funny that we both are doing the MI and Canada thing so close together!

Flakymn said...

Yes it was me!! Not the best movie ever but definitely a good "snow to sun" movie!

Anonymous said...

yay for ontario! Have a safe trip!

Mom. W. said...

That picture is hilarious!!!!