Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mini beach trip

This morning Rebekah and I and the kiddos headed to the "mini beach",(that's what I will henceforth call the beach at Lincoln Park). It was really fun! Keenan and Elijah spent the entire time jumping off the dock in their life jackets, Moriah played in the shallow and Judah preferred to keep his little toes out of the water. =)

I love how purposefully she is headed off down the dock!

Checking out the view

Keenan does So well in his life jacket, he didn't need me the whole time (well, except for the part, after lunch where he forgot he didn't have it on, and went running off the end of the dock! I had to jump in fully clothed and get him!)

Hittin' the surf =)

Elijah jumps

Keenan jumps!

Judah tries out the water - it was a bit chilly at first

Elijah in the water



I LOVE these chairs we got at ACE!

Hungry boys!

The little ones take a turn

What a stud!

Being coy


Hug from Moriah

"Hey, you should try this instead of your foot!"

Good times!

I said my last wifia farewell this afternoon to Tiffany. I hate it. Blah.

Here is a picture from July 4th that Tiff took of us getting together one last time:

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Brittny said...

i haven't been there but saw kids playing the last time we were at the park. let me know the next time you go and we'll join you!