Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kids and Ice Cream

Philip is in Alabama for the night, for his American Board of Family Medicine exam tomorrow (eight hours of it!) Please pray for him!

After he left, I decided to take the kids out for ice cream (Before dinner, even!) We went to McdDonald's, hung out in the play place for a while, and then went to Wal-Mart for various random things, and to pick out a special toy for each of them for our long trip.

Now we're back home, the kids are in bed, I just chatted with Philip on the phone, and I'm settling in to watch a chick flick! Woohoo!

Their first picture with Ronald!
(It was too sunny for them to look right at me... Keenan did try!) =)

A little blurry,but very cute - that boy sure loves an ice cream cone!


The littlest blue eyes and her ice cream

On the play equipment

Love those curls!

Too fast for me! Love the tongue out.. =)

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