Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just Phacts, No Photos

No pictures today, but here's the scoop on the day's happenings in our house:

I had a yard sale today. It was small. Lots of people came. I made $60, not too bad for the effort and time put in. I was very thankful that the rain held off until this afternoon. I also passed out quite a few Sugar and Spice business cards, so that was cool.

Speaking of Sugar and Spice - it has been pretty fun! So far I've had orders from Florida, Virginia, Arkansas, California, and Ontario!

The kids and I took naps after spending the first half of the day almost entirely outside (for the sale).

This afternoon/evening, we met up with Philip at work and went to Wal-Mart and then to Sonic for ice cream. =)

I am SUPER STOKED about Mark and Rebekah arriving tomorrow evening for a four day visit! WOOHOO!!! =0)

Now to get the house in order... =)

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