Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun, fun, fun

Last night we had dinner at Josh and Rebekah's new house! The weather was nice, the boys played outside in the pool and we had a delicious BBQ (burgers, dogs, risotto) and delicious home made ice cream for dessert! They are super fun and we look forward to three great years with them around! =)

Keenan getting wet within minutes of us getting there =)

I think Philip looks like a teen dad here!

Big smile!

The kids taking shelter during the firecracker lighting =)

Rebekah had a great time photographing Moriah

What a little poser!


One of the boy's quieter moments

Josh being silly with Moriah

Under the exersaucer!

This morning we picked up E and B (you might remember, we hung out with them a few weeks ago), and headed to the Gulfarium. Keenan had a blast being the "tour guide" since he knows his way around now. =) I think they had a really good time!

Checking out the penguins

Pretty turtle

Goofy bunch

Partway through our time at the Gulfarium, this storm started blowing in!

Love this!!

Looking at the gators

We were the only ones around at feeding time! Very cool!

The dolphin show was pretty cool

B and E moved around to the "splash zone"

Sweet flip!

Ball balancing

Big jumps!

We went to the sea lion show too, and it started raining almost immediately. By the time it finished, it was Pouring down! I ran to the van and then made five trips back and forth with the umbrella, getting all the kids and the stroller into the van. Somehow they all managed to stay dry - woohoo! We stopped at Sonic for lunch on the way home, dropped off our friends and went home for great "rainy day" naps!

How I found Moriah when I checked on her =)

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Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

AWH...You still amaze me doing this that day! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I really hope you will enjoy our pool as much as you like while we are away!

We were out for shopping and PF Chang's tonight. I took a pic of E and B in a little stand up thing here in So Cal. B began asking me if I had seen the pics on your blog. He told me all about jumping up and the pic of all their faces! I had to come see! GREAT pictures. Both my children talked about this outting for DAYS! They journaled about it for school and called their daddy CROSS COUNTRY to tell him all about it. Their toys from Sonic made the plane rides w/them to Sunny CA!
B went to the Gulfarium when he was 4 and E went when she was 9-10 months old! SO glad they got to enjoy it w/you and your sweet children. You were part of a "first" for E...as far as she can remember anyway! We are loving being here w/Ryan. :)