Thursday, July 22, 2010

Exam Done, One More Day Before We Hit the Road!

The kids and I went to a MOPS playdate at Cherokee Park this morning. It was small, but super fun!

Keenan more interested in collecting sticks with Gavin and Zach than playing on the playground

Happy girl on the slide

Aden and Zach collecting things to make a "squirrel trap"

My kids just plopped right down to watch! =)

Very interested in what the "big boys" are saying =)

Destiny, Layla, Gabby and Jen

Moriah was in the swing a little too long and threw up all over herself and Keenan was sweaty and covered in dirt, so we made an early departure to head home for baths... =)

Philip is back home with us with his exam (thankfully) behind him! He finished early so was back home in the late afternoon much earlier than I was expecting him! He feels great about how the exam went, but feels like his brain has been "wrung out". =) Thanks to all who prayed for him! 6-8 weeks before he gets his results.

Daddy's home! Moriah climbed up for some snuggle time

To keep from heating up the house, we grilled some chicken on the bbq for dinner - yum!

Story time with Daddy before bed

I got a lot of packing done today, so hopefully we won't be too stressed out tomorrow evening, finishing stuff up for our early departure on Saturday. Very excited to see our families!!


Anonymous said...

After Tuesday and Thursdays posts, Mark and I stand by our statement about your cooking abilities :)

Looking forward to seeing you all!


Mom W. said...

Can't wait to see you!!