Thursday, July 8, 2010

Donut Shop Pics

I've been wanting to take pictures at this donut shop for a long time, because it has so much character, but the time was just never right. When we went by today and there were no cars parked out front, I decided this was the time! Fun stuff!

My favorite picture of the shoot

A secret

Love his laugh!

So good looking, like his Daddy

Fun in black and white

Sweet girl

Anybody here? We want some donuts!

Here you can actually see the prices - they're fantastic!

They look like they're waiting for a train! =)

Funny tongue!

On the run!


Rachel and Hans said...

VERY cute! So fun!

The Mac's House said...

Are those little shoes on her the cutest thing or what....

Love the pics today. I thought the one of them looking in on tip toes was adorable....

Thanks for sharing as always!


Mom W. said...

Nice shots at the Donut shop!!!

Simply the Storeys said...

These pictures are wonderful, Joia! You've got a way with that camera!

Mom E said...

I loved the color coordination with the shop and their clothes. You have such a good eye for photos.