Thursday, July 15, 2010

Compass Rose

Last night we left the kids with Brittny and Mark and Rebekah went out on a "double date" with us to a new restaurant in town! It was just built and is called "Compass Rose". We loved it! It was very classy and had great atmosphere and the food was awesome! What a fun night!

Mark and Rebekah outside

Philip and I

Dinner is served!

After dinner we went to the park to take some pictures. Thanks Philip and Mark for humoring us!

My handsome husband

Mark and Rebekah on the dock


The first picture Rebekah and I have had together!

We are heading out to swim with the kids and then Rebekah and I are having a Girl's Night Out!


Monm W. said...

Nice pictures!!!

Monm W. said...

You look really good Rebekah!! Love the skirt!!

Jessica said...

love Phil's shirt!! handsome dude!