Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beach with M and R

The weather was perfect today and we made it to the beach! We had lots of fun, watching Mark build with Keenan in the sand, he and the kids buried each other, and I actually got to SIT DOWN for a while! Woohoo!

I love this picture of Rebekah

Cute girl under our umbrella

The men start building

Digging a tunnel

Getting in on the sand action

Burying Keenan!

...and out he comes!

Sitting on Uncle Mark

Now Moriah's turn!

Getting rinsed off

Pretty blue eyes

Buried again!

Oh no!

Moriah tried to pull him out! =)

"Well if I can't pull him out, maybe I'll push him back down..."

No, Uncle Mark, that won't work!

Shootin' the breeze

Uncle Mark has funny spiky hair

"The Sand Smackdown"

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Mom. W. said...

Being desanded in comfort!!