Sunday, July 25, 2010

15 hours and 20 minutes... how long it took us to make it to Michigan. It's amazing how much quicker 1000 miles goes with two kids when they're not taking turns throwing up like our last drive north. We were going to stop in Kentucky but it was only three in the afternoon, and the kids were doing really well, so we decided to just keep on rolling.

The kids were both asleep when we got to Aunt Mary and Uncle Ty's house at 10:05 pm but immediately woke up when we were taking them out of the van and by 10:07 Keenan was bouncing off the walls playing with Taylor and Davis in the basement till 11 (which at 10 our time is sometimes when he goes to sleep anyway when he gets a late afternoon nap). Thankfully they both slept until their usual central time zone wakeups which felt nice and late around here.

We enjoyed delicious pancakes, bacon, sausage and OJ as part of Davis' birthday breakfast and then went to visit with the Munacos and their not even two week old baby boy. The weather is amazing since the recent high temps here (low 80s) are only a few degrees higher than our low temps (high 70s). Right now Moriah is sleeping, Joia is resting, Keenan is playing with cars and I was assigned to write this brief blog post.

Joia here - we got sad news on our drive yesterday. My grandma (dad's mom) passed away the night before. While this is a huge loss, it is such a blessing that she is in Heaven and that we (and All of my immediate family) will be in town for the funeral on Tuesday. Please pray for my Grandpa Wilf especially, as he has lost his sweetheart of over 60 years.


denise said...

Joia, I'm sorry that you lost your grandma. That is such a hard thing to deal with! I pray your trip to Canada goes smoothly and you get the needed closure with your family.

Jodi said...

So sorry to hear about your Grandma. How nice all of your family can be together during this time.

This weather is amazing!:-)

Hannah said...

My deapest sympathies Joia! Glad you can be in town for the funeral, even tho it's a sad time:(
Hugs xoxo

Jessica said...

I'm so sorry Joia. Please know we are praying for you guys during this sad time.