Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pictures, finally!

Cutie in the back seat =)

Piano fingers at Aunt Mary's

Keenan showing Moriah how it's done

Aaahhh.. sweet Michigan grass!

Keenan felt the same way =)

Love this one

He spent a long time just rolling around in the yard!

Moriah and the flowers

At Firefighter Park in Troy, MI, making new friends

At the pool with Grandma

Full arms!

Riding on his underwater horse =)

Love this picture of Keenan and Philip at Gurnsey's

... and with Grandma

Us girls

Sweet hugs

Huge chocolate cone!


.... then Moriah took over

Keenan climbed every rock!

... and jumped down!

Advertisement for Shout: This outfit came perfectly clean!

Family picture on "the rock"

With Grandma's purse =)

A long-time friend, Diana, that I just recently reconnected with after seven years!

My super-cute nephew, Brayden!

Keenan and my dad

Sweet Kyla

Beautiful Marika

My mom and dad

Andrew and his girlfriend, Bethany - my family and I all just met her this week, how exciting! =)

Kyla and Keenan being sweet

The funeral home had a great kid's room which was a Huge blessing during the visitation!

Moriah and Kyla giving hugs

Love this picture of Keenan in his Pink shirt!

My brothers, dad and uncles carrying the casket

My grandpa Wilf

Someone suggested the relatives take some flowers before we left the cemetery

It was a very sweet way of making a sad time a little happier

Kyla and Shaelyn

Rob's "boutineirre" =)

Moriah tasting her rose

My brothers and I with Grandpa =)

...and with our younger cousins, Alex, Lindsay and Allyson

Philip and Moriah

A BIG family picture after the funeral

We miss you Grandma, but we will "meet again soon", I know and that makes me so happy!

Last night, Andrew and I took Bethany out for her first Tim Horton's experience... =)

Tomorrow we head up north to a cottage with our whole family for a week... no idea about the internet situation there, so who knows when I'll post next. =)