Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Today has felt a little scattered to me. I'll just share some bullets from the day:

* We had a playdate and lunch with Rebekah, her boys, and Brittny and Sophie

* I found out I Really like Iced Chai!

* Was super excited to get a ton of headbands and flowers in the mail today for my business!

* Got a bunch of random food stuff from Jodi (this has happened now with three of the wifia as they move and have stuff left that they can't use - it's pretty fun!) My favorite part of Jodi's drop off? The bag of M&M's. =)

* This isn't something I did, but today was Philip's LAST DAY OF RESIDENCY!! Tomorrow he goes back to work as a staff doctor! Weird... he now has his own office and everything. =)

I think that's about it for the stuff of any interest. =) Here's a couple pictures:


Elijah, Keenan, Moriah and Sophie

I love this picture of the kids with Jodi!

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