Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trying to Catch Up

Life is sooo busy right now! Yesterday, Wendi and I took our kids to Destin to swim with Sarah and Della at the pool at their condo. It was really fun, but crazy trying to keep track of that many kids in and around the water at the same time! =)

Last night, a bunch of Philip's family got into town for graduation weekend! We had Seven boys and Moriah here for a while yesterday - That was a busy house! =)

They are all (except Dad, who is staying here) staying at a resort in Destin. I took the kids over there to hang out and swim today so they could play with their cousins that they rarely see. Good times! No pictures uploaded from that yet.

Very good news! Our camera came back today! Woohoo!

Tonight is the banquet and tomorrow morning is graduation. Gotta run! Here's a few pics:

Wendi and I with most of the kids

Moriah floatin'

Sarah with her girls

Moriah was Very brave in the water!

Isaac did so well jumping to Wendi!

Yay, Isaac!

Wendi and her boys

Keenan is Mr. Independent in the pool with his life jacket!

Elijah eating a banana

Morgan snoozin'

The dudes

Proud Uncle Isaac with Keenan and Moriah =)


Mom W. said...

Fun - good to see some pics again. Hope all goes well with Philip's graduation... wish we could be there!!! Hi to everyone!!

Mom E said...

Awww, I didn't even know you got those pics with Uncle Isaac. They are so sweet. Love, Mom