Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sooo tired...

Please be patient with me - I have the graduation post partially finished, but the last few days have been crazy and today was no different!

The rest of our family headed home fairly early this morning. Dad is headed back to Kenya on Monday.

The guys came to work on our yard again and did Amazing things - it already looks sooo different!

Around noon, we headed to the beach for a residency beach bash. We had a fun time, hanging out with some friends (none of the wifia was there, but several of my newer friends, who I'm sure I'll get to know Much better in the coming months). They had it catered by Jim'n'Nicks and the food was awesome!

After naps, we headed on base, went to the Commissary and then stopped by John and Wendi's to pick up a ton of food from their freezer and fridge that they can't use before they move - GREAT deal for us! We also got to have some amazing ribs for dinner! =)

It was pretty sad as we drove away, knowing that we will never visit with them in that house again... sigh.

Tomorrow will be fun, since the wifia planned a spur of the moment get together for us and all of our families once more at the splash park on base. =)

I need sleep. Badly. Goodnight.

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Mom E said...

I was so sad to leave you guys. Your yard was looking awesome and they had only just begun. I know God will supply the healing you need for your broken heart. I continue to pray for you.
I love you, Mom