Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pictures at the Book Store

After seeing some super cute pictures done by my photographer friend, Jessica James, at a local used book store a while ago, I asked her if she'd mind if I borrowed her idea! She didn't, and I finally got around to taking some pictures of the kids there yesterday afternoon:

I love all the colors!

Even though there weren't kid's books, they each chose one on their own...

Look what Moriah chose! "The Good Sister" LOL!!!
(What are the chances???)

He actually looks like he wants to read this!
(I'm not sure what his was)


Watching some other customers who had a little dog with them

Cute feet

Moriah: "Hmmm, should I tell Keenan he's sitting in a puddle of pink paint, or just wait until he tries to stand up and realizes that his butt is stuck to the sidewalk?"

Keenan: "What is she thinking? Oh, probably just that she wishes she was as cool as I am (sigh), everyone has their cross to bear..."

A sweet hug

Checking out some old record albums

What a good lookin' guy!

Keenan funnies:

I'm sure many little kids do this. Keenan often hears songs, and interprets the words in his head Much differently than they actually are! Here are a few examples:

The ring tone on my phone is the Philips, Craig and Dean song, "You Are God Alone" and it goes.. "You are God alone, from before time began, You are on Your throne, and You are God alone..." The other day my cell phone rang and after I went to answer it, Philip heard Keenan singing to himself, "You are on your phone, and you are not alone..." (Which is actually quite appropriate for a ring tone!)

Then there's a part in "Here I Am to Worship" that goes, "You're all together worthy, all together lovely..." Keenan sings it, "All together worry..."

He has a Larry Mobile with a little Larry Boy that rides inside. It has a button on it, and when you press it, Larry's voice says, "I...Am... that... Hero!" Every time Keenan hears it, he says, "I am that Cereal!"

This one isn't related to a song or anything, but still funny. With Scuffy here, we are trying to teach Keenan that, when we go for walks, if he's holding the leash, he needs to show Scuffy that He's the boss, not her, and to not let her pull him around. The other day, (in the house), Scuffy was doing something and Keenan sternly said to her, "Scuffy, I'M the Mom!"

Also Scuffy related... We are having the hardest time getting it through Keenan's head that she's a Girl, not a boy! He's constantly calling her "him", and we correct him every time. The other day, we were all in Keenan's room and Scuffy came in. Keenan said to her, "Sit down girl" (Philip and I looked at each other in amazement like 'Wow, he's actually getting it!') When Scuffy immediately did as he asked, he said, "Good boy!" Okay, maybe not. =)


Flakymn said...


And Joia, I have a LARGE credit at that used bookstore I'd be happy to let you use. Let me know if you want to go sometime. You pay 50% and the other 50% comes out of my "account." You can try it without me there but sometimes they ask for ID.

Mom W. said...

Love Moriah's outfit right down to the socks... and Keenan's handsome picture... We laughed at Keenan's song lyrics but Dad laughed Really hard!!!

The Good Sister... interesting reading I am sure... = )

Mom E said...

I was amazed that they both stayed seated when they were looking at the customer with a dog. The frilly socks w/ pink tennis shoes, the captions under the picture of Moriah and Keenan, the 'Keenan funny' sayings...all of it so cute and it caused much laughter. thanks for sharing them with us! Love, Mom